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Degree Requirements

Course Number and TitleCredits
Required Core Courses
MATH 527 Intro to Applied Math for Scientists & Engineers (3 cr)
CS 565/MATH 565 Numerical Methods I (3 cr)
CS 566/MATH 566 Numerical Methods II (3 cr)
MATH 572 Computational Statistics (3 cr)
CS 507 Computing Foundations for Computational Science (3 cr)
Choose one of:
CS 530 Parallel Computing (3 cr)
ME 571 Parallel Scientific Computing (3 cr)
Elective Courses
Graduate-level elective courses: At least four graduate-level elective courses are required.
Three of them must be chosen from science or engineering departments.
Undergraduate-level elective courses: Up to two upper division undergraduate elective
courses outside the major field of study can be used for credit towards the degree.

CS 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination1
CS 693 Dissertation30