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Emphasis Faculty

NameDepartmentResearch Areas
Tim AndersenComputer ScienceArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Kevin D. AusmanChemistry and BiochemistryEngineered Nanomaterials, Noncovalent Interactions and Supramolecular Assembly, Health and Environmental Impacts, Polymer
Composite Engineering, Molecular Photophysics, Chemical Kinetics, Quantum Chemistry
John BradfordGeosciencesGround-Penetrating Radar, Reflection Seismology, Wavefield Modeling, Reflection Imaging, Waveform Attribute Analysis, Material Property Estimation
Donna CalhounMathematicsApplied Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics
Bhaskar ChittooriCivil EngineeringSoil Behavior, Biological and Chemical Soil Stabilization, Pavement Materials, Sustainable Development
Bogdan DitComputer ScienceSoftware Engineering
Arvin FaridCivil EngineeringMultiscale Multiphase Numerical Modeling
Kevin FerisBiologyMicrobial Ecology
Alejandro FloresGeosciencesHydrometeorologic and Regional Climate Modeling, Ecosystem Dynamics Modeling, Agent Based Modeling for Bioregional Analysis, Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecohydrology
John GardnerMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringRenewable Energy, Kinetic Energy Scavenging Devices, Dolphin Propulsion, Dynamic Modeling Research
Nancy GlennGeosciencesRemote Environment Sensing, Dryland Ecology, Geological Engineering
Joe GuarinoMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringVibrations, Modal Analysis, Acoustics, Computer Simulation of Dynamic Systems, Structural and Machine Health Monitoring
Eric HaydenBiological SciencesRNA Evolution, Molecules for Use in Biomedical and Biotechnical Fields
Jairo HernandezCivil EngineeringUsing artificial intelligence techniques for water management. Creation of meta-heuristic algorithms to explore potential solutions to optimize the use of water. Improving the understanding of hyporheic flow through computational science.
Will HughesMaterials Science and EngineeringMaterials Science, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Nanomaterials, DNA Nanotechnology, Engineering Education
Amit JainComputer ScienceParallel Application Development, Parallel Algorithms and Data Structures, High Performance Computing
Eric JankowskiMaterials Science and EngineeringThermodynamics Applications
Kyungduk KoMathematicsLong Memory Processes, Wavelet-Based Modeling, Bayesian Inference
Jaechoul LeeMathematicsTime Series, Extreme Value Analysis
Clifford B. LeMasterChemistry and BiochemistryPhysical Chemistry
Lan LiMaterials Science and EngineeringTheoretical and Computational Materials Science
Min LongComputer ScienceComputational Science and Engineering
Yang LuCivil EngineeringComputational Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling, Sustainable & Durable Cementitious Materials, Infrastructure Materials, Renewable Energy Materials, Critical Infrastructure Systems Resilience
Trevor LujanMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringMusculoskeletal Health
HP MarshallGeosciencesGeophysics & Glaciology
Owen McDougalChemistry and BiochemistryOrganic Chemistry
Jodi MeadMathematicsInverse Theory, Numerical Methods
Hoda MehrpouyanComputer ScienceCybersecurity, Data Privacy
Dylan MikesellGeosciencesComputing, Seismology, Geophysics
Deb MishraCivil EngineeringTransportation, Pavement, and Railroad Engineering
Partha MukherjeeMathematicsStatistical Image Analysis, Jump Regression Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Application of Statistical Tools in Various Scientific Research
Cathie OlschanowskyComputer ScienceParallel Computing, Compiler Optimizations, Benchmark Development
Julia OxfordBiological SciencesFunction of Extracellular Matrix Molecules in Craniofacial and Skeletal Development, Cartilage Regeneration and Repair, Eye Development and Vitreoretinopathies
Donald PlumleeMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringCeramics
Leming QuMathematicsStatistics
Pushpa RaghaniPhysicsComputational Physics of Nanomaterials
Inanc SenocakMechanical and Biomedical EngineeringThermal and Fluid Sciences, Computational Science, Parallel Computing, Wind Energy
Elisa H. Barney SmithElectrical and Computer EngineeringImage Processing, Machine Learning
Denise WingettBiologyImmunology and Inflammatory Disease, Nanomaterials and Biological Response, New Drug Development
Grady WrightMathematicsComputational Math, Scientific Computing, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Applied Harmonic Analysis, Computational Geosciences, and Mathematical Biology
Barbara Zubik-KowalMathematicsApplied Mathematics