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The following are three primary sources of Graduate Assistantship (GA) funding:

  • GAs specifically appropriated for the PhD program. All full-time students who apply are automatically considered for these assistantships. Program funding decisions will be made based on complete applications received by January 15 for Fall admission, and September 15 for Spring.
  • GAs funded by academic departments.  Please contact a relevant department for more information.
  • GAs funded by faculty grants.  Faculty periodically have research funding for their projects. You may contact an individual faculty member if your research interests and background are directly related to his/her work. 

External fellowships 

External fellowships perform two vital functions. First, they allow students to focus on completing their degree without going into debt. Second, awards demonstrate to prospective employers that a student is a serious scholar and a potentially valuable member of the academic or research community.

Below are just a few examples of fellowships available to computing students:

FellowshipResidency/Other key eligibility requirementsDeadlines
DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) ProgramU.S. Citizenship or Permanent ResidencyMay and November
DOE Computational Science Graduate FellowshipU.S. Citizenship or Permanent ResidencyJanuary
Google Women TechmakersFemale Students, Students from U.S. embargoed countries are not eligible.2018 Deadline passed -
Check back in Fall
IBM PhD FellowshipsStudents Approximately 2 years from degree completion, Students from U.S. embargoed countries are not eligible.November
INL Graduate FellowshipsMay depend on area of interest. February
NASA ISGC FellowshipU.S. CitizenshipFebruary
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ProgramU.S. Citizenship or Permanent ResidencyNovember

Additional fellowships can be found using  The University of Illinois fellowship finder tool.