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Degree Requirements

Course Number and TitleCredits
Choose 12 courses from the following Emphasis Courses and Elective Courses. At least 6 courses must be chosen from the Emphasis Courses.36
Emphasis Courses
CS 546 Computer Security (3 cr)
CS 567 Applied Cryptography
CS 575 Software Security (3 cr)
CS 621 Digital Forensics (3 cr)
CS 622 Advanced Network Security (3 cr)
CS 623 Cyber Physical Systems (3 cr)
CS 624 Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures (3 cr)
MATH 508 Advanced Public Key Cryptology (3 cr)
MATH 509 Symmetric Key Cryptology (3 cr)
CS/MATH 667 Advances in Applied Cryptography (3 cr)
Elective Courses
Courses for Master of Science in Computer Science
MATH 505 Abstract Algebra (3 cr)
MATH 507 Number Theory (3 cr)
Additional elective courses approved by the supervisory committee
CS 691 Doctoral Comprehensive Examination1
CS 693 Dissertation30