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Emphasis Faculty

NameDepartmentResearch Areas
Tim Andersen CS Artificial Intelligence
Neil CarterHuman-Environment SystemsHuman-environment Systems Modeling and Data Visualization
Kelly Chen Business and Economics Microeconomics
Steven Cutchin CS Data Visualization
Michael Ekstrand CS Recommender Systems
Jerry Fails CSHuman-Computer Interaction (Hci), Participatory Design Finding, Analyzing and Making Sense Of Data/Information (For Children), Informal Science Experiences For Children, Fitness Technologies For Children, Security For Children
Alejandro Flores Geosciences Integrated Terrestrial System Modeling And Remote Sensing
Michail Fragkias Business and Economics Applied Economics
Nancy Glenn Geosciences Terrestrial Remote Sensing And Image Processing
Zeynep Hansen Business and Economics Agricultural Policy And Economic Development
Vicken HillisHuman Environment SystemsHuman-environment Systems Modeling and Data Visualization
Amit Jain CS Large Data Analysis
Eric JankowskiMicron School of Materials Molecular simulation, sustainable energy, soft matter, composite materials
Brian JacksonPhysicsExoplanet time-series analysis, astrophysical modeling
Jeffrey Johnson Geosciences Acoustic Methods For Volcanology
Casey Kennington CS Natural Language Processing
Kyungduk Ko Math Bayesian Statistics
Jaechoul Lee Math Statistical Analysis In Large-Scale Data
Christine Loucks Business and Economics Macroeconomics
HP Marshall Geosciences Data Fusion And Remote Sensing For The Cryosphere
Jodi Mead Math Computational Inverse Methods
Hoda Mehrpouyan CS Cyber-Physical Systems, Security, And Privacy
Dylan Mikesell Geosciences Seismic Imaging & Monitoring
Catherine Olschanowsky CS High-Performance Computing
Sole Pera CS Information Retrieval
Leming Qu Math Computational Statistics
Mojtaba Sadegh Civil Engineering Optimization And Statistical Analysis
Partha Sarathi Mukherjee Math Statistical Image Analysis And Process Control
Edoardo Serra CS Data Mining
Francesca Spezzano CS Social Media Analysis And Mining